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Initially we chose the vacuum cleaner with a minimum noise level (as we have a small child) and a cyclone filter, without dust bag. But after reading a bunch of reviews I stopped on the vacuum cleaner Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full-Size, which as everyone says noisy and without a cyclone filter Smile

Explain your choice - with a small child is very important to the quality of cleaning, and even the vacuum cleaner is really cool, and in my opinion the best in quality-price ratio!

And now, in order not to be unfounded, let us explain in detail.

I'll start with the advantages:

1) aquafilterin

Why I chose aquafiltering and he is better than the cyclone?
First, unlike aquafiltering eliminates cyclone dust persion with the cleaner and cleaning due to the fact that all the dust and dirt is deposited in the water tank. You do not have to breathe any dust when cleaning or when cleaning dust collector - you simply merge the dirty water into the toilet bowl.

Second, a high degree of purification (good filtration) and constant quality of cleaning.

Six months from the date of purchase, and I can confidently say that the dust in the house became less. And when I wash then vacuum floors - almost pure water! And that says a lot, is not it?

Third, aquafiltering creates humidification effect. This is something that is needed for a small child with asthma, allergy, as well as any other person taking care of your health.

Of course the effect "after the rain" you can hardly feel, but believe me, the air will be cleaner, even if you do not feel it. And for the "wow" effect - tip: add a few drops of essential oils and a pleasant smell, you will be provided all over the house!

Important: Vacuum carefully so as not to turn the vacuum cleaner so water can leak!

2) the availability of disposable filter Meshkov addition of water

This vacuum cleaner 2 in one! No time to mess with aquafiltering? Insert the unit with a disposable bag and Vacuum with him! By the way, I had vpechatelneie that with a bag in the vacuum cleaner is better to pull

3) rubber wheel

A very important point for the owners or laminate floating parquet floors! In fact, to find a rubber-coated wheels of the vacuum cleaner - is not so easy!

4) the presence in the department of the vacuum cleaner nozzle for small - small heads now just will not be lost and will always be "on hand": more of the same nozzle is difficult to lose. And yes, they have to be stored separately)))

5) of the vacuum cleaner nozzle sooo much (up to say that such a collection, you no one else can not find):


small round

for furniture or clothing

But this attachment, I no one else saw and that was the deciding factor in the choice of this vacuum cleaner - because we all laminate! Believe me, this nasadaka - just something! The secret of long natural bristles, which are very protective of the parquet floor, and collect all the dust and hair! I grieve in advance that I'm going to do when this brush is old and unusable (though I can and screw - villi spoil course, but it can not so much). Not the Soviet Vacuum carpets this brush, so you can help it last longer!

6) telescopic handle that can be adjusted in length. If you push the handle to the full, it will be a very long and convenient! Suitable even for very tall people

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